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Perfect Tyres for Sticky Situations

GT Radial is renowned for providing an excellent range of passenger vehicle tyres and also has a sensational selection of 4WD tyres for driving enthusiasts.

Someone in the know about the excellent tyre technology available is champion off-road racer, Bryan Chang, who has been sponsored by GT Radials for five years.

“I’ve used a variety of different tyres throughout my career, but none come close to GT Radial,” said Bryan.

“The tyres offer an unbelievable level of grip, so much so that I’m able to run a two-wheel set up compared with many other competitors who are forced to run four-wheel drive.”

The weight savings are considerable and allow me to go faster for longer. This is solely due to the tyre’s ability to deliver superior grip through all conditions.”

There are two key tread patterns available in the GT Radial 4WD range and both are constructed with chip resistant compounds which enhance their durability and performance.

The Savero is available as All-Terrain, All-Terrain Plus, Highway Terrain Plus and Mud Terrain. The Mud-Terrain option is a long-life 4WD tyre with outstanding traction in mud and boasts wide lug angle grooves for self-cleaning.

Right Advice

Not sure of what tyre you should have, we can give you the right advice on tyre selection.

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No Surprises on Pricing

Our tyre prices are that, the price you pay, we don’t add on disposal charges or anything else, everything is all inclusive fitted on your vehicle – No Surprises.

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Free Tyre Check

Drive on in, we’ll check your tyres and even check and set the tyre pressure for you – all free of charge – that’s our right service.

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