Kapiti Radiators Paraparaumu

Radiator Repairs
Radiator repairs and Radiator replacements are our speciality. A Radiator in good working order is vital to the wellbeing of your vehicle. Radiator controls the amount of cooling and therefore heat in the engine – A Engine that runs too hot or cold isn’t running properly and this may cause damage to the engine or consume more fuel.

Radiator flushes
Radiator flushes clean the cooling system of your vehicles engine, ensuring maximum coolant flow and protecting your engine from hot spots or corrosion. Radiator flushes are an important part of general maintenance of a vehicle.

How does a Radiator work?
They operate by passing a liquid coolant through the engine, where it is heated, then back through the radiator itself where it loses this heat to the air flow coming in as you drive. Vehicles are also equipped with a fan to move air when the vehicle is not moving fast enough to cool the coolant down.

For radiator issues, please contact Stu Phone: (04) 902 9460

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