Tyre Size

How to tell your tyre size?

How to tell your tyre size
Tyre sizes are made up of a number of different numbers and letters these are basically tyre width, tyre profile, diameter / rim size, load rating and speed rating.

For example tyre size: 205/50 R 17 93 W is made up of the following information:
Tyre Width: The tyre width in the picture is the 205 marking on the tyre. The tyre width is measured in millimetres.

Profile: The height profile of the tyres is the height of the sidewall expressed as a percentage of the width. It is known as the aspect ratio, and in this case it is 50.

Rim diameter: This is the size of the rim diameter and is measured in inches in this case it is 17 inch.

Load rating: The load index is a numerical code associated with the maximum load a tyre can carry in this instance 93 – We can help you with what is appropriate for your usage.

Speed rating: The tyre speed rating (i.e.W) is the maximum speed for which the tyre is rated. We can help you with what is appropriate for your usage.

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