Tyre Tips

Tyre Tips

Save money on tyres! Follow these 5 simple tips


Tyre Air Pressure
The most important step to maintain good tyres and longer tyre life is to inflate the tyre with proper air pressure. You should check the air pressure periodically and when the tyres are cool, in order to get the precise air pressure.
We offer FREE tyre air pressure checks, just drop in and we will check your tyres for you.


Wheel Alignment
Wheels that aren’t correct aligned causes the tyre wear quickly and can degrade your vehicles performance and handling.


Tyre Rotation
Since each tyre wears differently due to road surface, number of passengers, and load, it is advisable to rotate your tyres every 5,000 Km for Bias tyres and 7,500 to 10,000 Km for Radial tyres, in order to obtain even wear and longer tread life.


Wheel balance
Unbalanced tyres or wheels (rims) can cause rough ride and vibration. Both static and dynamic tyre balances for passenger cars are very important for smooth driving. It is necessary to balance your tyres every 10,000 Km.


The Right Tyre
Having the correct tyre for your driving needs is important. You wouldn’t wear high heels hiking in the bush, nor would you wear boots to a ball!
It’s the same with tyres, you should always discuss with your tyre professional what you do and what you expect the tyre to do – then they can give you the right tyre.

Right Advice

Not sure of what tyre you should have, we can give you the right advice on tyre selection.

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No Surprises on Pricing

Our tyre prices are that, the price you pay, we don’t add on disposal charges or anything else, everything is all inclusive fitted on your vehicle – No Surprises.

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Free Tyre Check

Drive on in, we’ll check your tyres and even check and set the tyre pressure for you – all free of charge – that’s our right service.

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